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Newsletter September - October 2007       

Daniel Huisman         Mobile in Holland +31 633738272

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Holland.

The 25th of November I hope to go to Colombia, where I will work with the Children home in Medellin.

 Angeline, my sister, got cervix cancer 3 years ago. Her womb and ovary were removed right away but later the cancer has spread anyway. After different Chemo therapies the cancer still entered in her spine, where to operate is impossible. The pain is so severe that the pain killing drugs like morphine had to be increased often. We keep on praying and believing for her healing. As family we appreciate your prayers.


18 September 2007; A scan made of Angeline her back showed that the chemo therapy does not work anymore against the cancer.

19 September; The doctor announces that Angeline has 2 more months to live. He says that she will sleep in eventually because of morphine use. We all family and friends were all very shocked by the announcement. But we keep on praying for a miracle.

30 September: Angeline really wanted to be together with the whole family, so my 2 brothers came from Curacao and we were all together for a few days. See picture.

The beginning of October the pain is getting more severe for which she gets more and more morphine. She sleeps a lot. She can hardly keep her eyes open, and her speech is difficult. She walks slow and has lost a lot of weight. But her hearing and mind is very OK.

26 October: We celebrate Angeline her 33rd birthday.

Some friends and I start a fasting, and Angeline immediately has less pain.

28 October: I anointed her with oil for healing together with the rest of the family. We went to a famous healing service of Jan Zijlstra and he felt strongly that she needs to promise God that she will serve Him when she is healed. She says yes.


Angeline would also love to see old pictures and film of herself. So I have started digging up old pictures, slides, negatives and film and put it on dvd. It is a lot of work, and the family also loves to see the images again. On the link below you can see some of those pictures. I will also keep the site updated with any news how things are with Angeline. You can also write something there if you wish to share something.


In the news; Those who want to live a healthy life face more difficulties; Eating a lot of ham, bacon, sausage, salami, and food with a lot of fat, sugary drinks and alcohol should be avoided to avoid cancer.
Read more;

I have delayed my trip to Colombia until the 25th of November. But even can delay it again. I thrust God for His guidance in this. In the mean time I have a lot to do here in Holland. After Colombia I hope to travel to Indonesia in February to work there for 4 months in the mission hospital on Borneo

Martyrs for our Lord Jesus Christ; The manager of the Gaza Bible Society Baptist Bookstore; Rami Khader Ayyad was killed on Sunday the 7th of October in Gaza. Pray that the Christians in Gaza will not give up courage.

In April there were also 3 Christians killed in a Bible house in Turkey, of which one was a German missionary.
Pray for workers in the Kingdom of God.

God wants us to do good.

From which countries are the missionaries who I meet on the mission field? Where are they from? What is their background? They all come from countries where a great percentage is Christian. Sometimes they ask me how come I am in missions even though Holland is so infamous. Then I can testify that there are many born again believers, and that the number is growing. See picture of Opwekking 2007. There should be more missionaries going out into the World. God has blessed us with a prosperous country and we can share with what we have gotten for the Kingdom of God in this world as a witness, not only to those who don’t know Jesus Christ and the poor, but for everyone. It is a great witness for the people in far away countries that somebody would want to leave his own country for Jesus Christ to love his neighbor as God so much wants. You and I participate in this, lets go out, and if you can’t go then try to support missions.

Don't give up doing well.

Mireya van Deelen from Holland would love to go to Colombia into missions. She was born in Colombia and when she was little she was adopted by a Dutch family. She feels Gods calling. She would like to start a support Group of people who would like to support her. Do you like to help her? Write freely to her;



Thank you very much for your gifts and prayers

   God bless you     

1 Peter 2:15 For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men:"

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