July - August 2007

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Dear Friends,

Greetings from France.

Here I am helping out with conferences and video editing for French Christian Satellite TV.


On the picture I am in de tent between Geertje and Wil van den Broeke from “Stichting Film Evangelisatie Nederland” (division of “Kom En Zie”) from Holland. They have very much on their heart to reach France with the Gospel. They are also the reason that the video ministry has started here, and an encouragement so that this work continues.


The conferences are over now, the summer was nice and cool this year. We have put up the tent, and put it down after the conference. The video recording we made we are now editing in the computer to send them to different Satellite stations to be broadcast.

The 5th of September I go to Holland where I will be working on some websites for missionaries. Then I will travel to Colombia via Curacao in October.


In October I will be in Colombia for 3 months. In Colombia they have asked me to come and help in the children home where I have worked before. My technical skills are well appreciated. The children home runs on a minimal budget, and there is a lot of maintenance work to do. Also I will be taking pictures of the children, to send to all their sponsors in the form of a newsletter and webpage. The children ministry consists of helping abandoned children whom get rescued out of bad situations from where they would have usually ended up on drugs, prostitution and theft. Some are also orphans because of the violence in the country. Also there is a special program on the street to help the children who live on the street and to find special care for them.

This way I have taken this picture last time I was there of this thankful lady who was rescued from the street by the director who is standing besides her. She says that none of her street friends have survived the ordeal. It’s a miracle she is still alive.


Fundraising for a widow in Colombia;

For years she helps children who need help, but when her husband was shot to death in front of the children home by thieves who wanted to take their only mode of transportation, a motor bike, she found herself in a situation of needing help herself. Feeling the absence of her husband, and no income, she was facing a lot of difficulties, while raising her daughter. Now years later, she is still going from one part-time job to the other, while she keeps on working in the children home to take care of needy children. But for a while now she can’t find another job, and she is in great financial need. She has to pay her rent, otherwise she has to leave her house and also school fees have to be paid for her daughter. Also her daughter needs special glasses after an eye infection. But she remains always faithful in working in the Children home.

She thrusts God that He will take care of her. Do you want to encourage her? You can send me a gift for her with the note; “Widow”. And I will forward it through Western Union, or you can send it yourself, let me know, and I will send you her info.

My sister Angeline is still battling cancer. She continues her chemo treatment. We keep on praying and declaring her healing. We as family appreciate all your prayers very much. 

13 September I will become 45 years old. On Saturday 15 September you are welcome to come by between 12:00 and 21:00.
Address of my parents; Buitenhof 33 8255AW Swifterbant Holland


Thank you very much for your gifts and prayers

   God bless you     

James 1:27 Pure religion, undefiled before God and the Father, is this: to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world."

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